Left Field Insights

Brand Development & Website Design

Left Field Insights offers personalized services for solo financial advisors who want brand development, website design, and ongoing marketing support. We go the extra mile to help you create a digital footprint that distinguishes you from your competitors, positions you as an authority in your field, and--most importantly--connects with your target audience. 

Brand Development

If you’re breaking away, going independent, or simply stepping up your marketing, we follow a disciplined process to help you successfully position yourself in your target market.

Develop your brand promise

We help you articulate what your brand stands for by developing a strong mission statement and identifying your core values.

Define your ideal client avatar (ICA)

Whether you already serve a specific niche or are considering narrowing your target market, we help you define your ideal client so you can market yourself effectively.

Profile Your Target Market

We help you compile as much information as possible about your target market to better understand their unique needs and preferences.

Differentiate Yourself Among Your Competitors

We help you identify the attributes that set you apart from your competitors and allow you to best serve your clients.

Craft Your Brand Messaging

In partnership with AdvisorFlex Websites, Left Field Insights offers customized copywriting services for financial advisors who want to ensure your website copy reflects your brand and voice and connects with your target audience.

Web Design Services

Left Field Insights partners with AdvisorFlex Websites to offer independent financial advisors and RIAs high-quality, affordable web design services. AdvisorFlex Websites is a service of Make It A Great Day, Inc. As a boutique service provider, they have been enhancing the online credibility and exposure for independent RIAs since 2004.

Choose from 6 customizable template designs for just $2,949. Enhance your digital presence and get best-in-class mobile responsiveness, on-site SEO, and custom content recommendations. 

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